07 December 2009

Saturday: Part One

The news Friday night reminded me of how horrific Friday morning was. Detectives (Mike Timothy) were perplexed by the body's "placement" but due to other evidence were sure the death was related to the other three.

I listened to the news and sifted through the information Hart sent. Mike had already left about a dozen messages but luckily didn't show up. The case files showed patterns of homicides involving what Hart dubbed The Unwanted. All people that lived alone, no relatives really to speak of except the case Hart started with and random sprinklings throughout the century plus of brutal killings.

My nightmares were a stage of blood and darkness; the players included the Southern Belle, brain guy, arguing voices (intent on divulging information to A Descendent or leaving man to his demise. I blamed this on the heartburn), crying and a lot of sighs. May have been my own exasperation with Belle and the crying.